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The Vertical Farm

Vertical farming is nothing like the ordinary farming methods. It’s more like virtual farming like Farmville, only it’s real. This is absolutely a super advanced farming technology that is absolutely a breakthrough. Watch the...

Milana Vayntrub’s good heart just Can’t Do Nothing

Milana Vayntrub is an actress and mostly known as Lily Adams from the AT&T commercial. But while most of you may have known her as the funny girl on tv, she’s actually a refugee...

What Hogwarts says of Alan Rickman

Here is what the casts of Harry Potter say about Alan Rickman aka Professor Snapes.

Foods to eat after the holidays

2015 is almost over but the pounds you gained from Thanksgiving is still there. Your new resolution for the new year is to be very active in the gym but you know that never...

The Yale Glee club and the Train Conductor

When a train conductor of a Metro-North Railroad found out he’s carrying the Yale Glee Club, he suddenly became a Choral Conductor.

Why Demi Lovato posed for Nude, No-make up photos?

Recently, photos of Demi Lovato without having any make up or clothing, took over the internet. This is a promotion for her upcoming album called “Confident”, but there’s something more. Check out the video...

Guy asked for strangers’ panties for a good cause

Vitaly, a YouTube personality known for doing prank videos, finds the most awkward and strangest idea to raise funds for cervical cancer research. Of course, it must be something related to the subject, so...

Dave Grohl responds to Rockin1000

I’m so excited for the Rockin1000. Dave has responded to them and even I don’t really understand the language, I’m still excited. BBC Translation: “Hello Cesena. It’s David. Hi. “I am sorry I don’t...

These Foo Fighters fans get very creative on their petition

Fans from Cesena, northern part of Italy, gathered to perform “Learn To Fly” in a very unique fashion. The effort is to invite the group, Foo Fighters, to come to their city to perform...

Couple quits their jobs and sail the world

That’s a great plan! I wish I would have thought of that too. Now we have 2.5 kids and no cats. via Bored Panda

Manny Pacquiao Documentary is coming soon.

Are you excited yet? Why does he box? Why does he fight? Here’s why.

big me ballad version

Foo Fighters played Big Me Balad Version to a 70-year old fan #FooFighters

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters is pretty much the band of all generations right now. Aside from the fact that they were the hit of the 90’s, they’re just so generous to everyone...

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