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Milana Vayntrub’s good heart just Can’t Do Nothing

Milana Vayntrub is an actress and mostly known as Lily Adams from the AT&T commercial. But while most of you may have known her as the funny girl on tv, she’s actually a refugee...

Carpool Karaoke with Adele

Carpool Karaoke is an absolute hit right now on The Late Late Show with James Corden. This episode with Adele is certainly big hit too. Adele is such a fun person too.

Housewife reacts to coming guests

Comedian Chris Fleming portrayed a housewife and how they react when they know that a company is on their way to visit them. Subscribe to Chris Fleming for more funny videos.

S#!t Civic Owners Say

In this hilarious video, Muscle vs Tuner presented a ’92 Honda Civic hatchback with extra-ordinary features that set the car apart from others… mostly Mustangs.

A Self-drifting DeLorean Drifts on its own and it’s awesome.

This highly-modified DeLorean DMC-12 is named MARTY or (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control). This is built by Stanford’s Revs Center. It drifts on it’s own and while it does not time-travel,...

Why Demi Lovato posed for Nude, No-make up photos?

Recently, photos of Demi Lovato without having any make up or clothing, took over the internet. This is a promotion for her upcoming album called “Confident”, but there’s something more. Check out the video...

Emma Watson Gallery

Not long ago, Emma Watson delivered one of the most inspiring speeches as the U.N. Ambassador for Goodwill. While she actively promotes the #HeForShe campaign, this time she did a dialogue with several leading...

Guy asked for strangers’ panties for a good cause

Vitaly, a YouTube personality known for doing prank videos, finds the most awkward and strangest idea to raise funds for cervical cancer research. Of course, it must be something related to the subject, so...

Taiwanese McDonald’s employee becomes internet celebrity

Wei Han Xu is a McDonald’s employee in Taiwan, and is now an internet celebrity because she’s cute. To be fair, I think she is. Source

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