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Why the Samsung Note 7 Explodes

Samsung release the Note 7 in 2016 which immediately got discontinued due to a huge volume of explosions incidents. At first it was a mystery but now here’s why. Source: TechnoBuffalo

Hey, do you love Emojis?

EmojiWorks is introducing its first physical keyboard dedicated to help you type emojis faster than your friends; assuming they are not using same keyboard as well of course.

steve jobs lost interview

What do you think is in Steve Jobs’ Lost Interview?

This is more like ‘found’ interview rather than lost. You know what I’m saying? Anyway, this is intriguing to know what we really are missing. Are there unrevealed secrets we don’t know? Are there...

Bird Drone flies like a real bird

Drones are now getting to be the new thing that anyone is interested to have. But this Bird Drone is one of a kind. It flies like a real bird and it’s amazing. It...

How to prevent ATM PIN Hack

Using a device that can be attached to the back of an iPhone that can trace heat patterns on the ATM keys, bad guys could potentially guess your right combination and steal from your...

Drones for Humans are coming soon

This may just be a robot but the same thing for humans maybe coming soon as well. The folks at Malloy Aeronautics are soon making hoverbikes which humans can use too. You may head...